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Today Mally and I, together with Stephen and Trish (my brother and his wife) and Mark Looy spent the day in Washington DC. Over the next few days, I will tell you of some of the intriguing (as well as some of the sad and shameful) things we observed and experienced.

We had the opportunity this morning to have a private tour of the Capitol building (led by an aide of one of our state congressmen). We went into the room where congress meets, and where the President gives his State of the Union Address. We were able to do this because Congress is in recess right now. We sat in the front row looking at the platform where the house speaker sits. When we looked around the room, we saw carvings of various people all around the room. All but one were looking sideways. Right in the middle, one face was looking ahead—right at the place where the house speaker sits and where the President gives his address. This face had the name "MOSES" on it. Back in the 1800's, it was decided that MOSES would be the only carving to look straight on because he was the law giver and the law of the USA is basically based in the law of Moses. What really hit us was that MOSES "presides" over Congress—but Moses is not allowed in the public schools! The inconsistency (and hypocrisy) was so obvious!


The two photographs show the beginning of the construction of the bookshop. The main entrance from the lobby will be constructed to look like a cave—above this cave entrance will be an animatronic Pterodactyl. The bookstore itself will be themed with Dragons and Dinosaurs.


My brother Stephen and his wife Trish fly home on Friday. Today was their last full day with us for their short time over here.


Friday is a busy busy day!

I am taking Stephen and Trish out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (one of our favorite breakfast restaurants)—then I have a live radio interview in our studio at 8:05 am (This is live with a Christian radio station in Toledo—the interviewer is driving down especially to conduct this interview on the day we have another Behind The Scenes Tour (this is when Charter Museum members come in for a tour and lunch etc). After the radio interview, I will be involved in the BTS tour—I speak three time—we have three photo sessions organized—then I end the day with another radio interview. After that I need to go over my itinerary for the next few days as I will be traveling to Georgia for an AiG conference Sunday through Tuesday.

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