Ink and Blood

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After I spoke twice at our church on Sunday morning, Mally and I along with my brother Stephen and his wife Trish, and Steve and Mary (AiG staff) drove down to Lexington to visit the "INK AND BLOOD" exhibit at the Convention center. This is an archaeological exhibit of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient Bibles and scrolls etc. The exhibit outlines the history of the Bible. It was fascinating.

The first thing we did was watch a short movie about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Having just been to Israel, it meant so much more as Mally and I recognized the places in the video. I have attached four photographs I took in Israel recently showing some of the actual caves above the remains of the town called 'Qumran' where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.


This afternoon is the video shoot of Stephen's three talks associated with the book on the family we are co-authoring. We are filming this in the special effects theatre.

img_9442_5.JPG img_9441_4.JPG img_9434_7.JPG img_9432_3.JPG

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