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In the English speaking world, we use the term "rat race" to sum up the busyness of life. Well, after a busy time in Israel, we now begin a very busy time at AiG.

Today I spent time putting my new "Death--the enemy" talk together. I then went to the office and spent time with staff who are going to help me with new PowerPoint slides for this talk. I also visited other staff today just to say "Hi".

The Museum staff are very busy working extremely hard (and long hours) so we can fulfill our commitment to open the Museum in April 2007. Lots of different things are going on--I'll update you more this week.

I took Mally out to lunch and then went for an 8 mile bike ride with our youngest daughter Kristel. Our daughter Renee and son-in-law Bodie left today for a vacation in Sweden.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I have meetings all day.


I took over 1000 digital photographs in Israel. Over time, I will share a number with you. I am going to put together a collection of the pictures and in a week or so give the staff a talk on our trip.

The two photos attached today:

1. The general area where Jesus cast the demons into the pigs and the ran down the slope and into the Sea of Galilee.

2. Mount Tabor--the mountain where the transfiguration occurred. 1.jpg 0.jpg Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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