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Mally and I arrived in New York at 4:30 am - we then BATTLED our way through the airport to our gate to catch our flight home to Cincinnati!

We were served two "meals" on the plane--they would have to be the worst airline meals we've ever encountered (not that we've experienced many good ones in 30 years of flying!).


Before we left for the airport, we shared a Sabbath meal with our host family, the Kashtans. They read from the Scriptures--Eitan then instructed his family based upon the Bible reading. The children then recited passages from the Bible they have been learning. It was a great experience to share such a time with a Christian family in a nation that is so pagan and so needing the gospel message. I have attached a photo of the Kashtan family and one of our Sabbath meal together.


On reading my emails, I saw the email promotion for next Sunday (August 14th)--I will be speaking at my home Church. This reminded me I need to prepare my talk "Death--The Enemy". One of the most asked questions we get asked as we travel concerns how we can believe in a loving God with all the death, suffering, disease, terrorism we see in the world. Although we answer this to a degree in various of our talks, I wanted to put together one talk just dealing with this issue--so I now need to begin thinking about this in earnest.

Thanks for stopping by... and thanks for your prayers while Mally and I were in Israel! img_9931_2.JPG img_9913_1.JPG Ken

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