Mega Conference Day 3

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Construction Continues

Even though many staff are at the Mega conference, construction continues back at the home base! The photos show the work on the bog (as part of the nature trail)—they are adding peat and sand to get the bog ready for water and then the special plants. At the same time, work is continuing on the various waterfalls under construction around the pond—I’ll have photos of these areas in a future blog.

Mega Half Day

Today attendees were given the afternoon and evening free—many visited sites in the area such as Monticello (the house of the third President, Thomas Jefferson) or the place where Lee surrendered Grant to end the Civil War (this historical place is very close to Lynchburg).

Speaker Debut

I introduced Dr. Georgia Purdom to give the keynote presentation this morning—Dr. Purdom has a Ph.D in molecular biology and has made the decision to come on staff with AiG full time as of June next year. She is currently a Professor at a Christian College in Ohio. Her talk was entitled: “The Intelligent Design Movement—How Intelligent Is It?” Many people lined up to speak to her after the lecture—people were thrilled to see a young woman like this now involved in Creation research/writing/speaking. I encourage you to read the lead article that was put up on the web today announcing Georgia’s decision to move into full time ministry with AiG. The DVD of her talk will be made available in a month or so. Keep a watch for it.

Bonus Session

After lunch, we offered a bonus session for those who wanted to hear a lecture by Tim Lovett from Australia concerning the latest research on how Noah’s Ark may have been constructed. I must admit, I was greatly surprised to walk into the auditorium and find the majority of attendees turned out for this session. Obviously many decided to start their free time after this bonus lecture! I have found the people attending this conference are so committed to learning—trying to absorb everything they can.

Spreading the Word

Many people have told AiG staff that when they get back to their home town, they are not going to stay silent—they are going to be using the DVD’s , books etc., to spread the truth concerning a literal Genesis and the importance of taking God at his Word. It is thrilling to know that the resources being purchased are not going to end up on dusty shelves.

Lots of Media

The MEGA conference has had a lot of media coverage. I did a radio interview for SRN news at 6:30 am today. I was also interviewed by the NBC affiliate in Lynchburg for their evening news program. Earlier this week I was interviewed by the ABC TV affiliate—this interview appearead on their prime news hour and again later that night. PBS filmed a number of lectures and interviewed me for an hour for a coming documentary. Another TV crew was given permission to film all week long as well as interview various speakers etc—they are making a documentary that could end up on various networks. There have been other radio interviews and newspaper interviews. This is an AP story on the Mega Conference picked up by a Virginia TV station (Norfolk/Virginia Beach area):

drpurdom.jpg addingpeatbog1.jpg addbog3.jpg addbog2.jpg

Well, two days to go! Please keep praying for the Mega conference.


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