Great Feedback from the UK.

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Our sister ministry in the UK recently sent this testimony I thought you would be interested in reading:

"I am just writing to say a very big thank you for your excellent service. Late last Friday afternoon I ordered a pack of Noah's Ark models for our church Sunday school. I knew they would not be in time for Sunday but thought maybe I could use them another week as we are currently teaching them creation. I was wrong!! They arrived before nine the following Saturday morning and I used them Sunday. Whoever works in the warehouse and resource departments are doing a razor-sharp job!

"On a wider level I would also like to thank AIG-UK for their excellent resources which have been an absolute inspiration to me and to my Church fellowship as I have shared the teaching with them on the six days of creation. Foundational, biblical truth is a part of the core vision of our church and AIG is playing a major part in providing the resources for this work to prosper.

"God bless you all and long may your work continue. Until the Lord comes!"

AiG’s goal is to support the Church in fulfilling its commission. What an exciting opportunity!

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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