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Special Guest

Today I met with a special guest, Dr. Georgia Purdom. She is a Biology Professor at a Christian College in Ohio. Georgia has a Ph.D in molecular genetics from Ohio State University. She is an ardent young-earth creationist and ensures all her students understand the scientific and Biblical aspects of the creation/evolution issue.

Dr. Purdom visited us a couple of months ago and gave a very challenging and informative lecture on understanding the I.D. (Intelligent Design Movement). Today she gave her version of a message on the Relevance of Genesis. She is an excellent communicator and has a tremendous grasp of not only her speciality of molecular genetics, but also the creation/evolution issue and the importance of the book of Genesis. Another Ph.D (who received her Ph.D from a secular university) who is a literal six-day young-earth creationist! See the attached photographs of Georgia at the office today.

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Jason Lisle on "Family News in Focus" Today

AiG's Astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle was heard on "Family News in Focus" (the news division of Focus on the Family) today. An item regarding the news event Dr. Lisle quoted on can be read at this link (Jason is quoted at the end). The reporter who called us heard me (Ken Ham) speak at a student meeting in Arizona about 15 years ago and had kind comments for us.

Mennonite Choir Visits AiG

A Mennonite young people's choir visited AiG last week for a tour of the Museum under construction---they blessed us with an impromptu performance (see photograph). It is so thrilling to see young people SO excited with AiG and the message the Lord has laid on our hearts to proclaim to the world.


Special Friends

This afternoon, special friends of our family, Dave and Jeanine visited us for a tour through the Museum. My wife and children accompanied me, as Dave and Jeanine are special friends. They were our neighbors at the first house we moved to when we came to Florence Kentucky over 11 years ago. They owned a company that has provided us with our health insurance coverage ever since we started AiG--US. Dave and Jeanine moved to a condo for health reasons a few years ago---and we moved out to Western Boone County near the Creation Museum. Their daughter (a good friend of the ministry) now runs the family insurance business. This was a special time for our family---brought back great memories.

I have to get up early tomorrow to meet a local pastor for breakfast to discuss the possibility of writing a Creation Evangelism curriculum. We're always on the move at AiG!

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