It's Still Winter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

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This week, the board and some of the leadership staff of AiG are meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming. We are meeting at a Christian Camp run by our AiG board chairman, Pastor Don Landis. Rocky Mountain Lodge is one of the most unique Christian Camping sites in the USA---my personal favorite! Pastor Don also runs a Bible College (I'll tell you more about that this week)--yes an ardently six-day young earth Bible College---a place where the students have experiences they can't get anywhere else (creationist excursions to Yellowstone, Mt. St. Helens etc. etc., as well as solid creationist Bible/Christian worldview teaching).

It's the end of May and last night was COLD! It snowed in the mountains. What a beautiful site this morning.

I have attached four photographs for you:

1. A photo of the entrance to Rocky Mountain Lodge 2. A photo of the building where we are conducting our meetings 3 & 4. Photos taken while standing at the front of the building where we are holding our meetings---this is the view we see! What a place for a Bible College and Christian Camp!

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