Wednesday in Denver

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I spent the day in Denver interviewing (for a DVD we are producing for our Planned Giving Department) more families who contracted Family Wealth Counseling of America (headed up by Jay Link) to work out a program (really a process) for their finances. Again, I was impressed with how excited these people were regarding this process. They said it was a real spiritual experience.

Over the past few days I've also "broadened my horizons" somewhat. I've seen how a commercial lawn mower is built from the ground up. I've seen a laser beam cutting through metal. I've learned something about the running of a speedway where dragsters hurtle down the strip at 325 mph. I've learned lots of new things!

We flew home tonight—because of storms the plane was late—finally getting to bed after 11 pm.

One of the emails I was sent today was a link to an article in a Michigan newspaper, The Morning Sun, where a columnist (Don Negus) commented (in an article entitled "The story behind stories") on a number of things including the Creation Museum. This is one of those not-so-nice articles—when they can't fault the science and logic, they just attack any way they can. This is a typical example of a secular columnist who has no understanding of the real arguments in the creation/evolution/age of earth issue—but he thinks he can use his position to slam us with sarcasm. Take a look at the article (link above) ...

We need to pray for such columnists.

Well, a busy day tomorrow at the office---a family who are friends and supporters are coming to spend a couple of days with us, a pastors luncheon and various meetings. Also I was contacted today to do a radio interview with CDR (a Christian radio station in Cedarville that supports AiG) in regard to the "Wollemi Pine Tree"---more about that tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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