When do PowerPoint Presentations and Horses Meet?

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From Friday, May 6, 2005

Q. When do horses and PowerPoint presentations meet?

A. When you speak in an equine center!

I must admit, today has been one of those unique experiences. I am speaking today and Saturday at one of the largest Homeschool conferences in the world, in Pennsylvania. The problem is that there is no convention center large enough to hold all the vendors and accommodate all the people. The only option open to the organizers was to use a facility used for farm shows. Because there is no auditorium in this place, curtains are used in the equine center to make an auditorium. Then carpet is placed over the few inches of dirt on the floor - then a stage and screen, PA system - and there you have it! One of the most unique "auditoriums" in which I've ever spoken. I've taken a few photos so you can get the idea. One shows the dirt on one side and the carpet on the other. Unfortunately I can't enable you to experience the "smell" but your nose gets used to it after a few minutes.

I've also attached a photo of AiG's booth (lots of resources) and a photo of some of the other vendors. It is impossible to get a photograph to give you an understanding of how many vendors and how big this places is. The photo of the exhibition hall shows just a fraction of the 270 vendor booths, etc.

I have had so many comments from people as to how AiG has helped them and their children to truly trust the Bible. I'd be writing for hours to share all the testimonies with you. It is so encouraging to hear how this ministry is being used in people's lives.

  • One man told me he loves this BLOG. He said it gives him a different perspective on things--a behind the scenes look. I've had others give similar comments.
  • Two young men came up and asked me a question about astronomy. Because this is not my area, I wasn't sure I had the right answer, so I used my cell phone to call our office and talk to our astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle. I then turned on my speaker phone (praise God for modern technology) and had Jason speak to these boys. I have included a photograph of myself holding the phone and the boys speaking to Dr. Lisle. He was able to answer their question (and help me to understand more about astronomy).
  • I had a problem with my computer today. Somehow I picked up a virus and it interrupted my talk every 20 minutes or so. After calling the office, we found three infestations of this virus and deleted them all so all is back to normal. Just added a bit more excitement to my day!
  • I had lots of people come up and ask what resources were best for them, their children, etc. I just praise God that we have three very special volunteers with us; the Garcia family, a mum and two daughters who absolutely love AiG and know more about the resources than most AiG people. They also know what is best for homeschoolers (as they are homeschoolers themselves). What a blessing to have such excellent help at conferences like this.
  • Tonight I'm having dinner with the board of directors who oversee this homeschool conference, and with the other speakers.

I have to speak twice tomorrow, and then rush to the airport straight after my last talk (cutting it a bit close) to get a flight home Saturday night.

Thanks for stopping by and as always keep praying


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