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On Thursday the lobby waterfall exhibit was filled with water and tested for leaks. What a sight to see the water cascading down the water fall into the pools that will eventually have turtles and fish. I have attached some photos to give you idea of what it's like---but you really have to be here to see it. A couple of small leaks were found. Once it's been fully tested, then it will be drained and the rocks painted. Two animatronic young T. Rex dinosaurs and two children will be placed on the rocks where the pools are. This was an exciting day---the exhibits are slowly becoming a reality. Keep praying for the funds needed to finish the entire exhibit space and theatres etc.

This afternoon before I left for the airport, I was interviewed by a Christian news group about the article that appeared recently claiming that evidence for some dinosaurs evolving from meat-eaters to plant-eaters was found. They also claimed the dinosaurs were "probably" covered with feathers. These sorts of articles are so frustrating---we don't have the documentation or pictures to show what has been found (that will come later)---it is so hard to comment on the claims because we just don't have access to the actual evidence. However, I did my best to explain that evolutionists are interpreting evidence on the basis of the belief system etc.

We were privileged to have a special guest address our staff at our 8:30 am staff meeting/prayer time this morning. Jerry Armelli from Prodigal ministries brought us a very important message. He heads up a multifaceted ministry that helps men and women come out of homosexuality. Their ministry is centered in Cincinnati. At a time when "gay marriage" and homosexual issues are rife across the nation, God has obviously raised up people like Jerry to help people caught up in this lifestyle. I have also attached a photograph of Jerry together with Mark Looy and me taken in our theatre where Jerry spoke. We will pray for Jerry and has staff---and I would ask you to do the same---it is not an easy ministry to be in. Jerry told us that they wanted to put an advertisement in one of the supposedly fairly conservative newspapers and their ad was rejected as too controversial (all the ad said was something like "want to come out of homosexuality--call ... ". However, a very liberal newspaper did run the advertisement! What a world!

Our Web department showed me a sneak preview of our redesign on our website---WOW! Hopefully this will go up at the end of this month. Compared to the present site it's like comparing a VW beetle to a Rolls Royce! I will keep you posted on this.

Well, I am now in Harrisburg Pennsylvania (we flew from Cincinnati tonight---good flight--on time, beautiful weather). I am speaking at a Home School Conference on Friday and Saturday. A total of 7000 people will attend this conference over two days. I'll keep you updated---but please pray for the talks I will be giving.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying.


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