Mother's Day

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Both Mally's and my mother live in Australia, and we know they miss us terribly. We've now lived in the USA for over 18 years. As I tell people, we came over as missionaries to a "pagan country!"

Because Australia is 14 hours ahead of EDT in the USA, Mally and I called our mothers around 7:00 pm Saturday night (9:00 am Sunday morning). To honor them, we've attached two photos: one is of me with my mother taken this past Christmas when we were in Australia. This photograph was taken at Currumbin Bird Sanctuary, on the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane. The photo of Mally's Mum was taken when she visited with us in the USA last May and attended Danielle's graduation. This photograph was taken in Greenville, South Carolina. Mally's Mum, our daughter Danielle and Mally's Dad are in this photograph.

Because we don't have any mothers in the USA to attend church with today, we decided to visit the church where two of our very dear friends attend. Marlene and Dick are two of our longest serving volunteers. Marlene (who is about the same age as my mother and just as loving) is like a mother to everyone, so we attended church with her today. Of course I gave her a big hug as if she were my own mother.

One of the Bible readings at today's church service was Proverbs 31:10-31.

Happy Mother's Day to our Mums---from Ken and Mally.

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