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This past weekend, Dr. David Menton, Buddy Davis and I traveled to Clarksville, TN. for a series of meetings. All weekend, little things went wrong (like a parade that blocked access to the church on Saturday morning ... ). But just when you think Satan is taking a break, these things happen to remind you—he hates what you're doing.

And the the Lord shows you that He is in control ... and His Word is impacting lives. At the end of the second service on Sunday, the Pastor looked at the congregation and said

"look me straight in the eyes—all of you. I want you to know—I believe God created in six literal days—I believe in a young earth—I believe dinosaurs lived with people—I'm not ashamed of this because I believe God's Word and that's where ALL of you need to be!"
This pastor obviously wanted the whole church to know they needed to stand on a literal Genesis—I believe the seminar and the services that morning helped give him even more courage to stand up and say this. Think of the influence on this church alone (2200 members).

If you think of it, check the Prayer page for the latest prayer requests. Pray for our speakers as they travel—a thousand and one things can go wrong on the road! And thank you for your prayers!

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