Powerful Ministry to Arabic-Speaking People

by Steve Ham on July 13, 2015

The news media floods our minds with negative reports of the Middle East. Yet in the midst of the perceived turmoil, God is working in a mighty way to spread the gospel message and to bring Arabic-speaking people around the world to Him through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Nagy Iskander provides an inspiring report of the spread of the gospel among Arabic-speaking people.

Drs. Nagy and Nashwa Iskander are invaluable partners of Answers in Genesis. After finishing their medical degrees in Egypt, they moved to the United Kingdom for additional studies and to advance their medical careers. While the Lord certainly blessed them in their secular professions, at the same time He opened their eyes to the world of creation apologetics.

After visiting the Creation Museum in 2008, they were convinced of the need to make the resources of Answers in Genesis available to Arabic-speaking people throughout the world.

They have held several conferences since the first one in May 2011 with Dr. Terry Mortenson. Nagy was blessed to record 18 episodes of Creation Answers, which was broadcast on television worldwide, opening more opportunities for him and his wife to make more connections with Arabic-speakers worldwide.

This August 2015 he has been invited to record an additional 50 television episodes regarding creation apologetics on the Vine network. In addition to this, they are continuing to translate many of the Answers in Genesis resources into Arabic as well as preparing to launch an Arabic language version of the Answers in Genesis website soon.

Please pray for this flourishing ministry and for Drs. Nagy and Nashwa Iskander, both of whom are being used in a powerful way to spread creation apologetics and the truth of gospel of Jesus Christ.


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