UK Ministry Update with Steve Ham


This weekend, I had the privilege to speak to a breakfast group of pastors and in two churches in Leicester. It was a great privilege to speak to people who were hungry to hear the message of Answers in Genesis as we point toward the credibility of Scripture and the gospel of Christ. Many of the pastors told me how refreshing it was to hear a strong message upholding the truth of Genesis. Sadly, in the UK those who uphold the literal history of Genesis are the exception to the rule.

I got a sense of the oppression against the church in this country when I turned on the television on the first night after I arrived. There was a program airing called Fear and Faith. This program, hosted by a well-known illusionist, was promoting the idea that all religious belief comes from a human susceptibility to psychological techniques. The host brought a lady who is an atheistic scientist on to the program and used manipulative techniques inside a church building to bring about an overwhelming emotional response. It wasn’t until the airing of the program that he uncovered to this lady that her emotional response was all based on the manipulative techniques he was using. He then went on to propose that the human need for God was an invention by subhuman cave men who wanted the comfort of accountability. He also said that people who go to church should not go because God actually exists but rather because we feel good about going, having been exposed to psychological techniques that enhance our emotions.

What a contrast to the message we are preaching at Answers in Genesis. Far from asking people to come to Christ because of some emotional benefit, Answers in Genesis is helping people to see that the history in Genesis is consistent with everything we observe in the world. We have an authoritative basis of truth that helps us understand the world we live in and our human condition before our Creator. We show people that, as a result of the fall, the consequences of sin have brought death and judgment. God will not tolerate our rebellion, so we are under His wrath.

We have need of salvation, not of an emotional high. God never promises us an emotional elevator ride of feeling good. He has told us the truth of biblical history and our position so that we might see His grace displayed in Jesus Christ, who came to take our place under God’s wrath. Through faith in Christ alone can we be saved. The eternal joy then experienced in Christ is an everlasting satisfaction based on confident hope founded in truth, not a feeble feeling that temporarily excites our emotions.

As I observe the spiritual environment in the UK, I see a country that has been devastated by the humanistic dogma of evolution and millions of years. This dogma has even invaded the church, and the next generation are left without real answers to the most dangerous programs on televisions such as the Fear and Faith program I watched.

Alternatively, I am more and more thankful that the Lord has placed faithful servants in the AiG ministry in the UK. These people are standing their ground on the Word of God and hoping to see the saving message of Christ rescue our children.

Neil, Gary, and Dorinda of AiG–UK staff

Until next time.

In our Creator who is Savior, Steve Ham


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