International Training Seminar #3 Underway


The Iceland Volcano is still having an effect on global travel and AiG WorldWide was not exempt as internationals attempted to travel to AiG for the annual International Training Seminar.  One attendee was delayed for 40 hours, two were grounded in the Middle East and another was delayed for several days in Germany.    Nevertheless our third ITS began bright and early Monday morning.  This year’s class comes from Egypt, Brazil, Japan, Philippines Scotland, Canada and the USA.  Fourteen global Christian Creationist will spend the next week in intensive training including many hours with Ken Ham and our AiG Speakers.

Dr. Crandall, WorldWide Director, noted that AiG has now trained people from 29 different Countries of the world. AiG funds the entire training including the flights, hotel, food, AiG Library and all training materials.  WorldWide is grateful for the donors that help us impact our world with the truths of the Word of God. Like previous trainees when these folks go home they will train others and start Creation Ministries in their part of the world.


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