Feedback from the Israel Trip


Feedback from the Israel Trip

“We talk about this trip all the time, both to friends and to each other.  This past Wednesday, we went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, which --hard to believe -- is in the Milwaukee museum! They say it is only the second time these items have been on display outside of Israel.  It was so special because we were right there [Qumran] where they were found.

“Our Israel tour was the most inspirational trip we have ever been on. Thanks to the both of you and all our friends from AiG.

“Easter seemed to just come alive this year.  We remembered our time when we shared Communion at the Empty Tomb [in Jerusalem].  Christmas was also so much more meaningful because of our trip to Bethlehem.”

--Steve and Cyndi, Wisconsin

“Because of my great experience going to Israel with AiG [in 2009], I have encouraged others to go to Israel … AND THEY ARE!!!!  Two couples from our church went in February, and our pastor and his wife went in March. Another man from our church is going by himself with Pilgrim Tours in June.

“I get so excited when someone tells me they are going, and they usually ask for my input.  I have the opportunity to go back over and over again vicariously, and I love it.  I am going back -- I just don't know when.

“Thank you so much. We really did have a WONDERFUL time.”

We are taking another trip to Israel October 15-25, 2010. Please check out the AiG WorldWide website for a link to the information.


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