China Trip


I am in Philadelphia and leave here in a few moments for a 2 hour drive to Mountain Top. PA.

Today brings to an end one of the most spiritual and emotionally draining ministries of my entire life and ministry. I traveled to 5 countries, crossed 32 time zones, crossed the international dateline twice, preached 16 times and had multiple meetings in the various countries.  All of this along with being taken secretly into the underground churches in two major Chinese cities. I was taken to a gang controlled area to join a house church that meets there because the police will not patrol in that area.  We went under the cover of darkness and walked through really scary alleys until we found the believers huddled together in a little back room.  None of them had ever seen an American and they were glad to share their testimonies. Several had been jailed for their faith.  I preached a 2 hour message and 3 people were saved.

A Bible Conference, where I was the main speaker, drew House Church pastors and leaders from as far away as a 10 hour bus trip one way.  We arrived early in the morning at a very large factory.

The factory was closed for two days.  After hiding our car, we climbed three stories up in the factory and found a room decorated for these meetings. Already dozens had arrived and were waiting for the conference.  After 12 long hours of meetings, prayer and testimony, darkness had come and they could take me outside. The next day of the conference was much the same, except it lasted 13 hours.  The Chinese believers never left the factory for security reasons, thus they all slept on the cement floors.  Two more were saved and we actually found a big tub and had a baptismal service.

After flying to another major city a House Church wanted me to preach to them. However, security in their area was very tight, so they elected to come see me.  In my small hotel room, on a side street, 32 people came one by one to my room---5 hours later is was done and they walked quietly 1 by 1 out into the Chinese night.

I wept often as these persecuted believers told horrible stories of persecution, arrest, years in jail and death at the hands of this brutal government.

Most people had heard of Answers in Genesis and were aware of the Ken Ham series that was translated into Chinese.  One lively meeting talked about massive distribution of Ken’s seminar.

Further details and reports to come


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