50,000 People Reached So Far


The American and the Canadian medal counts continue to grow, and the thousands we meet on the Streets are thrilled with the games and happy to be in Vancouver. Our AiG Olympic Team of 110 has already distributed booklets to 50,000 people, and we have two full days yet to go.

We have spoken to people from 41 different countries during our time here, including countries like Iran and Kazakhstan

The Vancouver Sun, the largest newspaper in Vancouver, carried a very positive story and a picture of two of our team members. Last night I projected the article as a surprise to our folks, and they were thrilled and—believe me—overjoyed. They were as excited as some that we have seen win the gold medals. I believe that you can find the article on a previous blog post.

Maria Booth, our only Spanish speaker, has had great conversations with Spanish-speaking people from several countries.

One volunteer who is in charge of clean up around one of the Olympic venues told us that they are only finding a few booklets that have been discarded. One Olympic volunteer picks usable booklets out of the garbage and returns them to our team so that the message will not get lost.

The red hoodies are a perfect color for Canada, and many conversations are initiated by people asking what the 1:1 means on the sweatshirts. Because of the color, many people mistake our people for Olympic workers and ask for help or directions—we give directions along with a booklet.

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