Media Coverage of the Olympics Team


This story appeared February 25 in The Vancouver Sun:

You’ll see all sorts of sports apparel in downtown Vancouver this week. But one of the most unusual items is a Mountie-red hoodie with football sweater shoulder stripes and a blue logo of a stylized skater atop the name “”

It was sported by sisters Christine and Michelle Diem, who came from Myerstown, Pennsylvania “to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all the people around here.”

They found the masses at the Olympic cauldron beside the new convention centre. They passed out pamphlets and basked in the sunshine. It was their first visit to Vancouver, and they loved it.

“It’s what I always thought the West Coast would look like, with the mountains. The sunshine is wonderful. I heard it rains a lot here, but it's not raining at all,” said Michelle, who is 21 but could easily pass for 14 or 15.

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