A Letter I Received


Below is a letter I received from a gentleman I met through my ministries with Answers WorldWide. Please pray for John and his country, India.
Dear Dr. Crandall,
My name is John I study at Temple Baptist College in Cincinnati; I met you once at the creation museum along with Dr. Paturi and also another time at the Telugu Christian Conference in New Jersey. I am writing this mail to thank you for the blessing that you where in my personal life. Your sermon on the Rosh Hashanah was extremely enlightening; I and my school mate could not stop discussing the same for almost 2 weeks. I am now in India for my summer break and shared that message and also the creation message with other believers and pastors here as well, and they have found it to be a blessing. Thank you for being such a blessing in our lives.
The modern Indian society is stuck in two extremes, while one section is uneducated and remains polytheistic the other moves towards atheism due to the education system which strongly advocates Evolution. I personally feel that God wants me to take creationism seriously and help the millions of confused young Indians who seem to moving from hopelessness to hopelessness. One hopelessness that advocates many gods, while yet an other that denies God. Jesus is truly the only hope for India; I am willing to take this message of hope to my perishing brethren in India.
I thank you and all the staff at AiG for being such a blessing in the lives of millions of people in Indiaand around the world. It is indeed a great joy to know that I labor with fellow laborers like you, for the one and only true God who spoke the world into existence.
God Bless


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