Olympics Outreach—Update


AiGWorldWide will be ministering next February in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the XXI Winter Olympic Games. We need servant-minded helpers!

Canada’s beautiful city of Vancouver, with its nearby Whistler Mountain and other sites, has been preparing for these Olympics since 2003. In preparation forthese games, Answers in Genesis has developed its own special Olympics logo.This will serve as our official emblem and will appear on the clothing of ourvolunteers and staff, plus on our special pins, letterhead, etc. If you areinterested in going to the Olympics and being part of this historic outreach, visit our Olympics ministry website, www.aigolympics2010.org.

Volunteer applications will be processed on a first-come basis; please notethat there are a limited number of volunteers we can take. This unique ministrywill involve literature distribution, personal witnessing, and attending aspecial AiG teaching seminar in Vancouver with Ken Ham. There will even be an opportunityto attend an Olympics event during our time in this gorgeous part of the world. Donations are now being received to help finance this amazing ministry to themany tens of thousands of people who will be coming from all around the world.


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