The Lie of Evolution and the Truth of God’s Word

by Dr. Georgia Purdom on February 10, 2020
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Our society is inundated with lies about the authority and truthfulness of God’s Word coming through academic communities, media, books, movies, schools, and yes, even in churches. Many of those lies focus on the book of Genesis. Ken Ham has been on the front lines addressing how Christians should respond by giving answers based on God’s Word and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. He had this to say about his upcoming presentation at Answers for Women 2020:

There’s a big lie that has crept into much for the church. And that’s the idea that God used millions of years and/or evolution to create the universe, earth, and life here on earth. And there’s another subtle lie that goes along with this one . . . and that’s the idea that it doesn’t really matter what a Christian believes about Genesis. It’s just a side issue, and we can all agree to disagree. But I would argue that’s a lie because the problem isn’t really about the age of the earth or evolution at all. It’s about biblical authority!

Some Christians will say that sincere, Bible-believing Christians disagree about many different things such as views of eschatology, modes of baptism, speaking in tongues, the sabbath day, etc. And, of course, that’s true. But all these issues involve people arguing primarily from Scripture to justify their positions—not from things outside Scripture.

But when it comes to Genesis, all the different views within the church, such as day-age theory, framework hypothesis, theistic evolution, local flood, and so on, all have one thing in common. Every one of these positions involves taking man’s belief in millions of years, based on the religion of naturalism, and trying to fit this into Scripture. Many of these views entail adding biological, geological, and astronomical evolution into Scripture. This involves eisegesis (reading ideas into Scripture), not exegesis (reading ideas out of Scripture). And adding millions of years into Scripture then blames God (not our sin) for death, suffering, and disease for millions of years (as they interpret the fossil record) preceding man. “Millions of years” is an attack on the character of God and undermines the gospel.

I assert that those who do not hold to a literal Genesis (six literal days, young earth, Adam from dust and Eve from his side, global flood, etc.) do so because they are influenced by what the world is teaching regarding origins and are attempting to add this to Scripture and force an interpretation on Genesis that undermines biblical authority.

So, really, this is an issue of biblical authority. Will we trust what God’s Word plainly says, or will we place ourselves over the Word of God and add things into Scripture? Who is our ultimate authority?

As I open Answers for Women as the first speaker, I will share about the issue of biblical authority and how vital it is that we allow God’s Word to be our authority in all areas. Really, this talk is foundational for everything else you’ll hear throughout the conference. All the speakers will be pointing you away from man’s ideas and to the rock-solid foundation of the Word of God. In a world in which ever-changing opinions and feelings seem to be the supposed arbiter of truth, it’s more vital than ever that we look to the unchanging Word of God for truth. And that’s what you’re going to take home from this incredible conference.

I’m looking forward to hearing Ken’s powerful message of truth that I know will motivate and equip us to defend our faith and share the gospel in an ever-darkening world.

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