A Light in the Darkness

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to 200 women at their spring women’s conference in Essex Junction, Vermont. The term “amazing” in reference to how the women responded would be an understatement! Being in what is considered a very liberal state, I wasn’t sure what their response would be. They were so engaged and receptive and hungry to learn. Resources flew off the table, and we ended up selling out of many items.

A woman emailed the following to me after the conference:

Thank you so very much for coming to Vermont!! You addressed some controversial topics I’ve been dealing with in my family life today and gave me answers as to why I walked away from God as a teenager. What a gift to know what went wrong!!!! I can’t thank you enough!! Now I have a belly fire to share this info with everyone!! I’m excited, does it show a tad???
Another woman told me that she never really thought the issue of “zillions of years” or thousands of years for the age of the earth was important but that I had completely changed her mind. A number of young women attended, and they had great questions. Many were learning about evolution in the classroom and wanted to know how to counter the claims of evolution by viewing the evidence from a biblical starting point. Another young woman said she couldn’t wait to get home to call her friend to tell her what she learned. I even heard that the husbands of the women were upset that they couldn’t come, because they wanted to learn this information too!

Two dark-skinned women shared with me how grateful they were for the presentation I gave on race and racism. They said they were skeptical when they saw the title of the presentation, because those words have such negative connotations for them. One of them stated that this information on race needed to be shared in every church. I agree! My great desire is to see pastors teach on the issue of race, beginning with the history in Genesis, so their congregations will understand we are one race but multiple people groups.

I owe a big thank you to Lyn (and her team) and Janet. Lyn organized the entire conference and was a great encouragement to me throughout my time there. Janet led our worship time with her beautiful voice and piano playing. She purposely chose songs that were very relevant to the topics of the conference. Also a big thank you to Gordon and Valerie, Video Conference Coordinators (VCCs), who helped us with organizing and selling resources (and they were the official conference photographers).

A couple women told me that having this conference in Vermont was a real light in the darkness. Please pray that God will mightily use the information and resources from the conference in the lives of these women, their families, and their community.

Ladies, if you weren’t able to make it to Vermont, don’t worry—next month Answers in Genesis will host the Answers for Women conference at the Creation Museum. Check out the website for more details and to register.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

Learning about the 7 C’s of biblical history.

200 women in attendance!

The Bible is the ultimate authority.

Conference coordinator Lyn.

Gordon and Valerie, Video Conference Coordinators.

Resources gone (and this is only half way through the day).

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