Mega Conference Was a Mega Hit!

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A couple weeks ago, Answers in Genesis hosted its Mega Conference in northern Kentucky. I was pleased to see so many people hungry to learn about apologetics, science, and God’s Word. On Tuesday I gave two presentations to the women entitled, “Biblical Womanhood: Reclaiming Genesis as the Foundation” and “Most-Asked Questions by Kids.” Before the presentations I had several men ask if they could come to the presentations, and of course my answer was yes!  It’s very rare for me to have an all-female audience, and I encourage men to come and hear what women are learning. “Most-Asked Questions by Kids” was a new presentation for me, and those in attendance seemed very appreciative of what I had to say. Kids are very scientifically literate these days, so it’s important that we give them solid answers beginning with the Bible and confirmed through science.

On Thursday my presentation was entitled, “Eugenics and Abortion: Past, Present, and Future.” I was overwhelmed by all those who spoke to me after the presentation and shared with me their stories about friends and family members with disabilities. One mother approached me and said she and her husband had refused genetic testing when she was pregnant because it wouldn’t make a difference in their decision to have their child. Their son was born with muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair but they are so excited to see how the Lord is going to use his life for His glory. It was truly encouraging to me to hear how the Lord was working in these families to bring glory to Himself and be a witness for Him.

While it was fun to give presentations, I also enjoyed listening to presentations by Dr. David DeWitt (Liberty University) and Dr. Joseph Francis (Master’s College). They spoke on the topics of human and chimp dissimilarity and the importance of microbes to life on earth, respectively. Interestingly, Dr. Francis was one of my professors when I attended Cedarville University, and now we are colleagues (we collaborate on research projects and papers) and had the privilege of both speaking at the conference! The vast majority of the presentations will be released on DVD in the coming months so be watching for them.

It was a little crazy (actually, make that a lot crazy!) presenting at the Mega Conference by day and directing and teaching VBS by night, but amazing at the same time. I always walk away from these conferences even more encouraged to fight the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12).

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