Wonders of Science and the Creation Museum

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Several weeks ago, my friend Dr. Dean Ortner paid a visit to the Creation Museum. Dr. Ortner is the chair of the science department and teaches at Whittier Christian Schools in California. During the summer he and his wife Terry travel around the U.S. giving amazing science presentations and demonstrations through their organization, Wonders of Science. Dean is known as the “Million Volt Man,” and I encourage you to read more about his exciting programs on the Wonders of Science website. Dean sent me this email following his visit:

I had just arrived back in the USA after giving Creation/Evolution/Intelligent Design seminars to several cities in Bolivia during the previous three weeks. I had then concluded a series of science demos for Wonders of Science in Cincinnati and we always make it a priority to visit our scientist friends at the AIG Creation Museum at every opportunity. We were so excited to see all the new exhibits and of course could hardly wait to visit the planetarium again. We especially enjoyed the well- developed garden walk. The trees, flowers and greenery are so well balanced. Watching the delight of young people in the petting zoo was an added bonus. Thank you so much for all you are doing to introduce and confirm the wonders of our Creator to your many visitors. We will be back again, and again!
Dean has told me repeatedly how thankful he is for AiG resources that he uses in the classroom, and he is always quizzing me on what the next products will be (and when they will be available!). We are so grateful for men and women like Dean and Terry who have a real heart to share the gospel through science and the truth of God’s Word.

Dr. Dean Ortner and his wife Terry with me at the Creation Museum

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