“I Almost Didn’t Come Today”

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This was a comment a woman made to me after I spoke at the IFCA (Independent Fundamental Churches of America) Women’s Conference held this past week in Kentucky. She said that the Christian women’s conferences she has attended in the past are mainly “fluff” and she was so tired of it that she almost didn’t come. She told me she was really glad she did and appreciated what I had to say and that it was so grounded in God’s Word. Several other women expressed something similar to me. I spoke three times at the conference covering the topics of biblical womanhood, parenting to build a faith your kids will keep, and the legacies of Eve in relation to our own legacy. Several women remarked how relevant the topics were to their lives and to the women they minister to as pastors wives. It’s sad to see that many women’s conferences are really missing out on ministering to women from the Bible as they should be. However, I’m excited that AiG now has a women’s ministry, Answers for Women, that calls women back to the authority and truthfulness of God’s Word. The IFCA women were great hostesses, and I was truly blessed during my time with them.

Since my Galapagos adventure and some well-needed vacation time in Florida, I have been busy preparing two new presentations for our upcoming Apologetics Mega Conference. I can’t believe it is less than two weeks away! On Thursday (July 21), I will be giving my new presentation on eugenics and Planned Parenthood. On Tuesday (July 19) I will be speaking to women in two sessions dealing with biblical womanhood, plus my new presentation on most-asked questions by kids. I’m also looking forward to hearing my former professor (now colleague!) Dr. Joseph Francis present on microbes and my friend Dr. David DeWitt present on genetics. I hope to be able to connect with many of you at the conference.

I’m happy to announce that next spring, April 19-20, Answers in Genesis will be hosting our first-ever Answers for Women conference at the Creation Museum. We are very close to opening our new 1,000-seat auditorium, Legacy Hall, and this will make possible many of these special types of events. We are still in the process of scheduling speakers and working out details, but stay up-to-date by checking out our Answers for Women website.

Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for the many ministry opportunities this month!

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