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The Gain of Poverty?

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I recently read an article in Trends in Genetics (a secular, technical, peer-reviewed scientific journal) entitled, “A golden age for evolutionary genetics? Genomic studies of adaptation in natural populations” [1]. The title alone was a paradox since evolution and adaptation (as both terms are used in the article) clearly describe two completely different processes. The authors’ use of evolution refers to the molecules-to-man process that takes millions of years, and their use of adaptation refers to natural selection, mutation, and other processes that lead to variation within animal kinds. I’ve decided to write a full-length article for the AiG website on this paper but for now, to spark your interest, I’ll give just a few quotes and my comments.

At the end of the abstract (a short summary of the article) the authors state, “Nonetheless, most studies of recent evolution involve the loss of traits, and we still understand little of the genetic changes needed in the origin of novel traits.” Very, very true. The study of evolution has yet to uncover a mechanism that can lead to the gain of genetic information required for evolution. However, don’t think that the authors have changed their mind concerning the “fact” of evolution.

Later in the article they state, “Of course, to some extent the difference between loss and gain could be a question of semantics, so for example the loss of trichomes [extensions of epidermal cells on flies] could be called gain of naked cuticle [lack of extensions on epidermal cells].” Are you kidding me?! I rarely laugh when I read a scientific paper, but this was a laughable sentence.

These authors have decided that the whole loss/gain issue is merely one of semantics. In order to get the “gain” required by molecules-to-man evolution they will just change the wording and say it is a gain of loss. That’s equivalent to a person who has suddenly lost all their money saying, “I’ve not lost money; I’ve just gained poverty!” While it may make the person sound optimistic, it doesn’t change the fact that they have lost all their money. In the same way, an organism through natural selection, mutation, and other related processes doesn’t gain information, structures, or functions—it loses them. It doesn’t matter how evolutionists choose to say it; they still do not have a mechanism that allows an organism to gain the genetic information required for molecules-to-man evolution.

It is simply amazing to me the extent to which people will go to uphold evolution and deny the clear truth presented in God’s Word (Romans 1:18).

I encourage you to read the daily articles posted on the AiG website and be watching for my full-length article dealing with this paper.

[1] Nadeau, Nicole J. and Chris D. Jiggins. 2010. "A golden age for evolutionary genetics? Genomic studies of adaptation in natural populations." Trends in Genetics 26(11):484-492.

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