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In 2009, Dr. Michael Shermer, Executive Director of the Skeptics Society and Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine, visited the Creation Museum with some students from the Ohio State University. Being a graduate of OSU and a research scientist for Answers in Genesis, I was asked to speak with Dr. Shermer. Our conversation was recorded by several of the students and posted on YouTube and several other sites. Dr. Shermer was polite and considerate, and I thought our conversation went well. I was able to share the gospel with him—and the fact that the YouTube version has had over 45,000 visits means that many others have heard the gospel as well!

I’m now teaching K–3rd grade for Sunday school at my church, and our topic for last week was “How Do We Know God Really Exists?” (We are using the Answers for Kids curriculum, which I highly recommend.) For most of them it is difficult to fathom that some people in the world do not believe that God exists. I shared with them my experience with Dr. Shermer and told them how important it was to know how to defend our faith (1 Peter 3:15) because the world they are going to grow up in is very different from the one that their parents grew up in. I thank God for the opportunity to impact these young minds for Him and prepare them for the battles they’ll face.

I hope you’ll check out the YouTube video. Notice that almost all of the comments for the video are ad hominem attacks, which show that people really have no good answers for the science I presented and instead must resort to attacking me personally. Feel free to give me your feedback on my Facebook page:

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