A Moment of Science?

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The other day, I was traveling for a research study visit for my cochlear implant, when I noticed the car in front of me had a bumper sticker that read, “What Schools Really Need Is: A Moment of Science.”  Obviously this is a play on the “moment of silence” that some public schools observe since public prayer has not been allowed in schools for many years.

Being a scientist myself, I realize the importance of science and the teaching of science. I know that my new “bionic” hearing would not be possible if it weren’t for scientists and physicians who used science to develop the cochlear implant. However, is more “science” what students truly need? Why bother teaching students science that could enable them to improve or save people’s lives if in the same breath they are taught that people are nothing more than animals and life ultimately has no meaning or purpose?

I’ve seen the result of this kind of teaching even in the lives of many Christian students who buy into the evolutionary mindset. It results in apathy. A student at a Christian school recently ask me, “What if the best I can do is all Cs?” As he said this, he was completely slumped down in his chair and wearing a hat with headphones built into the sides. I thought to myself that all he wanted to do was strive for mediocrity—just enough to get by—instead of listening to what I had said earlier about doing everything for the glory of God. Did he really trust that God’s Word is the ultimate authority in our lives? I doubt it.

This was a real motivator for me as I taught the children this Sunday in my church. I am using The Egypt File VBS program in a children’s church setting, and this week we learned that we are made in the image of God—not evolved from an ape-like creature. I told them that in school they would be taught that humans evolved from animals, but it is a lie. I taught them that the truth about our origins can only be found in God’s Word. I shared what I was teaching with one of the parents, and she was so thankful that the first- and second-graders are learning to give answers and defend their faith from a young age. If you’re not involved with the children’s ministry in your church, please consider doing so. Teaching children to stand on the authority and truthfulness of God's Word is the key to keeping them from being already gone.

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