How Could A Loving God Not Save My Parents?

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Last week, after I spoke in the museum, a couple approached me in the bookstore to ask about resources for a young girl they knew. They told me she was sixteen years old and had been in church for several years despite the fact that her parents were not Christians and had separated or divorced. They said she was really on fire for God and very involved in church. However, after she attended a prayer meeting at her school recently she declared to them that she no longer believed in God and stopped attending church.

They related that the girl had been praying for years for her parents to receive Christ, and since they had not, the girl decided that God must not exist because He wasn’t answering her prayers. How my soul aches for this young girl! When my mother died, I had many of the same feelings of anger and confusion towards God. Sometimes it is so hard to believe—if a loving God exists—why there is death and suffering in the world, and why people we pray for remain sick or don’t receive Christ. This is why it is so important to correctly understand that death and suffering came into this world as a result of man’s actions, as written for us in Genesis 3. It is equally important to understand in Genesis 3 that although death and suffering came as a result of disobedience to God, a Redeemer was promised by God who would save man and ultimately put an end to death and suffering.

Interestingly, the couple related to me that they had never heard a pastor speak on Genesis in the 30+ years they had attended church and that the information I shared in my presentation on the relevance of Genesis was new to them. Many Christians, probably including this young girl, lack a proper understanding of Genesis, so they don’t have answers to the questions that are relevant to their lives. I encouraged the couple to get Dr. Tommy Mitchell’s DVD, A God of Suffering? and Ken Ham’s book, How Could a Loving God…? Please pray with me that this girl will receive these resources, get answers to her questions, and return to her faith and church.

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