Creation College 3—Still Impacting Lives

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Earlier this week, I met up with some attendees from the Creation College 3 conference we hosted in 2009. I went to the museum bookstore to make a purchase, and they recognized me and reminded me of a conversation I had with their daughter (God’s timing is always perfect!) It didn’t take me long to remember because I don’t meet up with many Christians who are creationists studying for their Master’s degree in molecular biology and are women! Their daughter graduated recently but was unable to join them for the day because she is now teaching at a community college.

It was exciting to hear how their daughter has been able to incorporate her Christian and creationist beliefs into the classroom. The chairman of her department is aware of her beliefs and still supports and encourages her! She was able to use portions of my DVD Wonders of the Cell (which was taped at CC3) in the classroom. She was also able to show an ultrasound movie of an eleven-week-old baby in the womb from a friend of hers. When she showed this in the anatomy class during the section on the reproductive system, she asked the students how old they thought the baby was. Many responded six or seven months. When she told them the baby was only eleven weeks old, the whole classroom fell silent and three girls left crying. She is also encouraged by the many discussions she is able to have with her students following class. Praise God for young women like this who are taking a stand on the authority and truthfulness of God’s Word in the secular classroom setting. She has wanted to contact me by email, so I was able to give her parents my email address. I hope to hear from her soon.

I would like to remind all you ladies out there that next Tuesday, October 12, will be the first-ever Answers for Women Webinar and live chat. Check out for more details. I hope to see you there!

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