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Last week was very busy, in case you haven’t noticed from my blogs. Three events, three states, and multiple presentations in eight days! I’m glad to finally be back home and look forward to spending some quality time with the family. Last Thursday through Saturday, I attended the True Woman conference (sponsored by Revive Our Hearts) in Indianapolis. Over 6,000 women attended the event. There were great presentation from Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Janet Parshall, Mary Kassian, and even Joni Eareckson Tada (by video).

AiG had a booth at the conference, and we gave away a lot of free material such as our magazine, catalogs, and information on hosting events at churches. We had some materials for sale and sold out of several of our children’s resources. Women are hungry to give answers to the questions their children are asking.

Many, many women came to the booth to let us know how much they enjoyed the museum and how thankful they were for the ministry of AiG. Many others had plans to visit the museum soon. It was so encouraging! I’ve included just a few of the many testimonies we received, to give you just a glimpse of what we heard:

  • One lady said that she always believed God created, but it didn’t really matter exactly how God did it. She then visited the museum and saw that how a person views the Bible and creation has a big impact on how a person views the world. She had difficulty describing what a huge impact the museum had on her thinking. She said she went home and thought through the issues and came to the conclusion that we can trust God’s Word when it speaks on creation!
  • A couple ladies shared with me how they appreciated our VBS programs. She said they were unlike other VBS programs because our program has great content and a lot of “meat.” They were grateful for the information we shared with them on next year’s program: Gold Rush.
  • A homeschool mom said the online program they were using for their children’s education had misinformation on the Stone Age. She had her children go to the AiG website and type “Stone Age” in the search engine so they could learn the truth about the Stone Age, beginning with the foundational truth of God’s Word.
  • Two women who run a Christian ministry for underprivileged children were thrilled when I gave them many copies of a couple Kids Answers pullouts from Answers Magazine. They said the children would be so happy to receive them.
  • A lady shared with me that her husband and sixth-grade granddaughter attended the museum earlier in the year and how impressed they were. She said her granddaughter read everything and absorbed so much—she was amazed at how much her granddaughter remembered and is still sharing with her.
  • A Sunday school teacher shared with me that her four- and five-year-old students were asking questions about dinosaurs and people living at the same time. She said she didn’t know how to answer them, so we talked with her and directed her to resources that can equip her to give answers.
  • A young lady shared with me a burden she had for her twin sister who was about to enter medical school. She is apparently having a crisis of faith after going through an undergraduate program in forensic anthropology. Her sister knew that what she was being taught was contradictory to God’s Word, but she didn’t know how to resolve it. I shared my email address with her and I hope she will write so I can show her the answers from God’s Word. Her sister was very grateful and was glad she had stopped to talk with me.

6000+ women enjoying the conference

This is just a partial list of the many encouraging testimonies we received! One lady who was familiar with our ministry said simply, “Thank you for being here. This is so needed.” She’s right—women need to be equipped with answers so they can equip the next generation with answers and continue a godly legacy. I would like to give a special thank-you to Polly, one of our volunteers, who traveled with me and helped me at the booth. The booth was so busy most of the time that I couldn’t have done it without her.

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