Who Is the “Enemy”?

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Recently, a blogger named “Max” took issue with comments both AiG and I have made in the past regarding the Intelligent Design (ID) movement. I have a book chapter and DVD on the topic of ID, helping Christians see both the pros and cons of this particular movement. Max thinks that our “criticisms [of ID] are misguided” and that we are “uninformed of the goals [and limits] of intelligent design.” On the contrary, we are very well informed of their goals and subsequent limits, and that is why we feel it is necessary to educate Christians about the ID movement.

Max states, “In the case of intelligent design, the scientific conclusion would merely be that the universe was designed for life and that life itself was designed, that’s it!” I completely agree! He then writes, “It doesn’t seem like this is acceptable for AiG . . .”  Again, I agree—so it’s not really that we are uninformed about the goals and limits of the ID movement, but rather that he doesn’t agree with our criticism of ID on this point.

Later he states, “Now, I don’t want to generalize all YEC’s [young earth creationists], so this criticism is primarily for AiG.  Intelligent design cannot tell you that you are sinful, that Jesus existed, that he died and rose again, and it doesn’t tell you that you need to be redeemed! Intelligent design does not point to the cross, it points to a designer.” Again, I agree, and that is our primary concern. General revelation is sufficient to point to a Creator (Romans 1:20) but insufficient to point to a Redeemer! Christians need to realize that not all those in the ID movement believe that the biblical God is the intelligent designer, and many believe in evolution and an old earth/universe (see Ken Ham’s blog for one example). These beliefs are clearly contrary to Scripture and subsequently call into question the authority of God’s Word. If Scripture is errant when it speaks on creation, then why should we trust it when it speaks on the virgin birth and Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Max then concludes that “If the issue is evolution, OEC [old earth creationists] and ID are not the enemies. AiG, focus more in Darwinism than ID to win the culture war.” I disagree. Anyone, whether Christian or not, who holds beliefs that are clearly contrary to Scripture has become an antagonist against the authority and truthfulness of God’s Word. Just as Jesus rebuked the Pharisees and other religious leaders of His day concerning their incorrect views of Scripture, so we too should be vigilant to defend God’s Word against these types of attacks, regardless of their source.

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