The Seven C’s and Teens

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Several months ago, a man who teaches teens in his church began corresponding with me about an idea he had to help his teens learn the Seven C’s of Biblical History. He decided to create “a large graffiti kids art panel project” based on the Seven C’s, and also incorporate biblical instruction relating to each C. He recently sent me an update on the progress they have made, and I wanted to share it with you:

The art panel idea based on the 7c’s has become quite the project! It has grown and blossomed into a very special teaching tool. . . . The class is every Sunday evening and attendance is on a steady growth curve. . . . We didn’t really get started well until mid June, so it’s been a couple of months now. However I foresee it moving forward for several more months as the kids respond well to both the art portion and the group discussions based on AIG materials. We call it: WordWave – The Ultimate Framework. . . .

One young man, a deep thinker, has changed his mind about millions of years and evolution. It’s as if all he needed was a reason to believe the Bible, in contrast to the constant evolutionary noise from the government controlled schools, media, etc. and the AIG information gave him what he needed to make his decision. There was no trying to convince him or anything like that. I just lay out the information in an easy to understand format; generally in the form of questions and let the group discussion begin. No lecture here. The discussions are based upon on the C’s and I guide it along. By the way, after 2 months we are just now getting to the second C, Corruption! . . .

Note. None of the kids, after being in “church” their whole lives, could say what was created on what day other than, Let there be light, and man on day 6. They now ALL know what God created on each day, and can discuss items such as the nature of light and light source, sun and moon on day four and plants on day three, Yom – evening and morning + number = ordinary 24 hour day, good and very good, herbs and plants the original food. Topics have come up such as the possibility of other life forms in space and aliens; the trinity; radiometric dating and more.

Thank you, and tell Ken thank you so very much for all of your great information and materials. Without your ministry and information these young people, and myself, would be fending for ourselves, adrift in a sea of secular propaganda and most likely drowning in unbiblical information.

Praise God for this man’s unique way of presenting biblical history that is making a difference in the lives of these teens. I encourage you to check out our curriculum for teens, Demolishing Strongholds, and consider teaching it in your church.

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