Deadly Disclosures

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I am a big fan of fictional Christian romance/mystery/action novels. The time I have available to leisure read is small, so I’m rather picky about what I read. A few months ago I was excited to learn that AiG would be carrying a new fiction novel that centered on the creation/evolution issue. I had my husband read it first (he is an avid reader and I knew he would finish it faster) and he enjoyed it. Since he is even pickier than I am when it comes to fiction, I took this as a good sign that the book was indeed worth reading.

The hubby was right, and I too greatly enjoyed reading Deadly Disclosures. Here is the description of the book from our website.

FBI agent Dinah Harris no longer wants field work, but despite her struggles with alcohol and depression, her superiors require her assistance with the sudden disappearance of the Secretary of the Smithsonian, Thomas Whitfield. The discovery of Whitfield’s body in the trunk of a wrecked car confirms foul play, and Dinah becomes embroiled in a no-holds-barred high-profile murder case that threatens to shake the very foundations of the academic establishment. Will Dinah be silenced by a ruthless enemy before she can unravel the mystery and experience the redemptive power of Christ?
I really appreciated how the book not only told a great fiction story, but also contained powerful non-fiction teaching on creation and the Gospel message.  In many Christian fiction books, the theology is weak and subtle. I think many times this is done by authors so their book will appeal to a wider audience. I greatly commend the author, Julie Cave, for not being subtle and proudly proclaiming the authority of God’s Word through discussions on biblical creation and the good news of Jesus Christ in the book.

It was my privilege last week to meet Julie. Julie. her husband Terry, and their daughter Jasmine live in Australia, but are visiting the U.S. for several weeks. I told her that the plot reminded me a lot of the movie Expelled with Ben Stein. She said that when she was about halfway through writing the book, Expelled was released—and in this case, it was a good example of “life imitating art.” I am looking forward to reading the second book of the trilogy (which I get to do before it’s published—for the rest of you the plans are to release it later this year). Be sure to check out her website.

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