Public School and the 7 C's

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My daughter Elizabeth is six years old and just finishing Kindergarten in our local public school. She has a great teacher, and her first year has been filled with many new learning experiences. She has developed a love for reading (much like her mother and father) and surprises us every day with what she is able to read. She even likes math (which is very much not like her mother!) If you can’t tell, I’m really proud of her.

About a year ago Elizabeth told me that she wanted to learn the 7 C’s. I bought her a mini poster from the museum bookstore and she very quickly learned them. The concepts behind the 7 C’s were further reinforced to her when I taught them in children’s church using our Amazon Expedition VBS curriculum.

Several weeks ago it was Elizabeth’s turn to do Show and Tell in her class at school. She told me that she wanted to talk about the Creation Museum. We decided together that she should also talk about the 7 C’s. I asked her what she was going to say and she said things like “my mommy works there” and her favorite things about the museum, such as the petting zoo and swinging bridge. I then asked her to tell me the 7 C’s and briefly explain what each one meant. I thought she would need some help with the explanations, but as usual, she surprised me. She gave a one or two sentence explanation for each and really only struggled with Consummation (which I assured her, most adults do too!) I think as parents we sometimes really wonder if what we are saying is making a difference in our children’s lives, and for me in that one moment, the answer was yes.

When I asked her why she wanted to talk about the museum and the 7 C’s to the children she said, “I want to tell people about Jesus just like you do, Mommy.” In that one sentence she summarized the whole message of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum—to help people know that God’s Word can be trusted and lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Her Show and Tell time went well, and we may not know until we reach heaven the impact her sharing made. Pray for Elizabeth and other children in our public schools that are making a difference through their witness.

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