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It has been another busy day at the conference. We have given away the majority of the promotional material we brought with us. This is good for two reasons. First, more people are now informed about Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, and second, there's less stuff to pack up and bring home!

Today I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Mary Kaissan, professor of Women’s Studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, speak two times on topics related to her new book, Girls Gone Wise. I got a copy today and can’t wait to read it. Her first presentation focused on the Genesis of gender. Her entire presentation was based on Genesis 1 and 2, and how the image of God is reflected differently in men and women. As we’ve said so many times before, Genesis is absolutely foundational for all Christian doctrines—and this includes manhood and womanhood. She was very candid, and told the women that in order to know what womanhood is supposed to look like, we need to read the directions—God’s Word!

Dr. Kaissan’s second presentation focused on attributes of “wild” women (as described in Proverbs 5–7) and “wise” women (as described in Proverbs, Psalms, and the other parts of Scripture). Although many women I know (including myself) would not describe themselves as “wild,” I was challenged and convicted by many of her descriptions. I encourage you to read the book to find out more details.

I also got to hear Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries International speak on the inductive Bible study method. She has a very engaging style, and I now know why she is such a popular speaker. As a busy mom it is difficult to find time for Bible study, but the inductive method is so easy that it has challenged me to find out more about how I can use this in my personal study time.

I’m not sure if I’ll find time to blog again from the event or not, but it has been an awesome time and I’m looking forward to attending the True Woman conference in Indianapolis this September.

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