LIVE from the True Woman Conference 2010—Thursday

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I am now sitting in the Chattanooga Convention Center as the TW Conference is beginning. It’s been a really busy day. The Answers in Genesis booth was completely swamped this afternoon. There are so many telling us they had been to the Creation Museum and how wonderful it was. Women were hungry for our resources and are excited to find that we are now offering Answers for Women conferences. Since we are in Tennessee, many have been interested in our Defending the Faith conference in July in Sevierville, Tennessee.

The first speaker tonight is Voddie Bauchman (who will also be speaking at our Defending the Faith conference). He has a great sense of humor—and with six kids, I think that’s a requirement! I really appreciate his love of Scripture and his desire to see men and women claim biblical manhood and womanhood.

Voddie spoke a lot on having no excuses for not pursuing godly, biblical womanhood (and manhood). He said that many people will claim they have no good examples from their past. But that is no excuse, because we have examples of Godly men and women in Scripture and we can also seek out godly men and women in our life as examples now. What a challenge that is for me as a mother—the importance of building and leaving a godly legacy of womanhood for my daughter. I will report more from the conference tomorrow.

I appreciate all those who have been praying concerning my recent cochlear implant surgery. I am doing well, but still recovering. It sort of feels like I am hearing underwater right now. I’m told this will get better, but will take a few weeks, so keep praying.

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