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This year, for the first time, Answers in Genesis will have a booth at two women’s conferences! We are looking forward to being exhibitors at the True Woman Conference 2010 in both Chattanooga, Tennessee, (March 25–27) and Indianapolis, Indiana, (September 23–25). If you are not familiar with these conferences, check out their website, and you will see a great line up of godly men and women who will be presenting.

Answers in Genesis continues to play an increasing role in getting the message of biblical authority to women. I have already had the opportunity to speak to several women’s groups including a women’s conference last year in Canada. I have found that women are really hungry for the information I present—from womanhood, marriage, and parenting to biology and geology! Women are impressed not only with the materials available for themselves, but also for their children. Check out our new VBS for this year—The Egypt Files.

Our Defending the Faith 2010 Conference will offer a special women’s track for the first time. In addition, I’ll be presenting a women’s track at a local pastors’ conference in September. Be sure to contact us to schedule a women’s conference in your area.

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