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Last Friday almost 60 teachers from several different Christian schools participated in the first Answers for Teachers day at the Creation Museum.  We have found that teachers at Christian schools want to know more about how to incorporate the message of biblical authority into their classrooms.

The day began with our spectacular planetarium show, followed by a quick guided tour of the museum. I presented to the teachers about the relevance of Genesis in our world today, and Dr. Jason Lisle presented a lecture on presuppositional apologetics. The teachers enjoyed a quick lunch, and then it was off to the Special Effects Theater. Roger Patterson, author of our popular Evolution Exposed books, gave some great ideas of how to incorporate the 7 C’s of biblical history into any class from biology to art and history. Bodie Hodge gave the final presentation of the day on dinosaurs and dragon legends (as we know, a very popular topic with young people today).

I’m sure the teachers’ brains were overflowing with information by the end of the day. The feedback I received was very encouraging and made me realize how hungry they were for the information. Our next Answers for Teachers day will be held on February 26. For more information, contact the Creation Museum.

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