Thank God for Christian Health Care

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One of the “perks” of working at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum is that when you get sick you have a lot of people praying for your recovery. I few weeks ago, I woke up with what seemed at first to be an upset stomach, but as the day went on it became much worse. I went to the emergency room that afternoon, and the next day was committed to the hospital for a couple days of tests. By this time the Lord had been “pestered” with a lot of prayers (Luke 18:2–8) and my pain began to subside. I feel just fine now but it is still not clear what my problem was. It occurs to me that a lot of time and money was spent in an effort to determine just what it was that the Lord had healed me from. Still, I appreciate the wonderful care and concern I received in the hospital and I am well aware that the Lord often uses such means to accomplish His will for us.

While in the hospital, I was often asked what brought me to Kentucky (all my medical records were from St. Louis Missouri). This gave me an opportunity to discuss the mission of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. I was amazed at how many of the nurses, medical technicians and other hospital personnel had either visited the museum or were planning to do so. It was clear that the vast majority, if not all, of the people caring for me were Christians. Of the four physicians that saw me while in the hospital, two openly expressed their belief in a Creator. Even the hospital itself was founded by Christians and is named after a Christian. This got me thinking—are there any atheist hospitals, built by atheists and staffed almost entirely by atheists? If so, I doubt they would measure up to a Christian hospital.

A recent study by Thomson Reuters, known for their “100 top hospitals” program, shows that church-run hospitals provide better quality care, and do so more efficiently than secular hospitals. Jean Chenoweth, senior vice president of the “100 Top Hospitals” programs at Thomson Reuters, says, “Our data suggest that the leadership of health systems owned by churches may be the most active in aligning quality goals and monitoring achievement of mission across the system.”

While I have been well served in the past by physicians who were unbelievers, I am thankful that at least for now in America I have the opportunity to choose Christian hospitals and physicians. Above all I am thankful that no one can ever take from me the Great Physician who heals both body and soul.


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