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by Dr. Danny R. Faulkner on June 3, 2021
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I previously blogged about the success of Answers in Genesis’ first field trip to Red River Gorge in April. More recently, I blogged about our upcoming second field trip to this exciting place on June 22. A few days ago, I came up with what I think is the perfect name for this new program: Arch Encounter. Arch Encounter offers you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most spectacular arches in the Gorge, as well as a few other gems there. This beautiful place certainly proclaims the wonder of God’s creation.

We made a few changes to the program, such as substituting Star Gap Arch for Gray’s Arch (it’s a little easier hike). We still plan to eat lunch at what I think is the perfect lunch stop in the Gorge: Rock Bridge. We still need people to sign up for the June 22 Arch Encounter. Will I have to bribe people by promising a bottle of Cheerwine for everyone to drink with their lunch like I did on the first trip?

  • Rock Bridge

    Rock Bridge

  • Creation Falls

    Creation Falls

  • Princess Arch

    Princess Arch

  • Sky Bridge

    Sky Bridge

The next Arch Encounter is less than three weeks away. Why don’t you plan to join us? If you are from out of town, plan to spend several days and combine the hike with a visit to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. You can register on the Creation Museum events page.

See you June 22!

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