Christmas Came Early This Year!

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As someone that understands the importance of standing on the authority of God’s Word, don’t you wish more people could experience the faith-refreshing realization that you can fully trust the Bible from the very first verse?

A Wish List Fulfilled!

Have you ever wished you could get a dynamic book on apologetics into the hands of the pastors in your community? Have you ever wished you could bless your own pastor with tickets to the amazing Creation Museum and/or the incredible Ark Encounter? Have you ever dreamed of somehow seeing faith-building Answers in Genesis conferences take place all over Canada so that more Christians (especially our youth who are struggling under the pressure of secular influences) could be exposed to the fantastic Bible-affirming resources Answers in Genesis produces? Well your wishes are about to come true!

Gospel Reset Mail-Out

Gospel Reset

The Lord is truly bringing about incredible things through the Answers in Genesis (AiG) ministry here in Canada and around the world! If you haven’t heard the news yet, in an unprecedented way, AiG is reaching out to practically every church in the Western World with the message of biblical authority in a way that has never been done before!

Here in Canada, (because of the generous contributions of a group of supporters of AiG–US), almost 15,000 church leaders will receive a hard-cover copy of Ken Ham’s uniquely relevant book Gospel Reset, along with two complimentary tickets to its popular attractions, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, and the striking new Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

This is a major, unprecedented AiG effort to impact and help revitalize the church here in Canada (and in all of the western nations). Gospel Reset shows how the gospel message of Jesus is rooted in Genesis, (such as the prophetic verse of Genesis 3:15), and reveals a biblical strategy of how Christians could be more effective in evangelizing a secularized culture.

What Is the Potential?

To my knowledge, no other ministry has ever done something like this! This opportunity has the potential to be the largest, revitalizing, gospel-invigorating initiative the West has ever seen in recent history. We understand there will be a varied response to this, as unfortunately not every pastor will be sympathetic to a plain reading of God’s Word (as you well know if you’ve been around the ministry for a while). However, if even 3 out of 10 of those Canadian pastors/church leaders end up using the tickets sent and then 1 out of 10 of those churches want to participate in an AiG event in some way, that would be an amazing 1,500 churches!

By God’s grace, it has the realistic potential, if followed up properly, of involving 2 out of every 10 churches in our country in some form of event. That would be 3,000 churches being equipped here in Canada; this year, next year, and in years to come!

Opportunities Bring Challenges

As mentioned, because of the gracious generosity of these AiG–US partners, the mail-out is already in motion and fully funded. However, in order to maximize the potential here in Canada, we are going to need resources very soon to implement the immense scope of the follow-up process by AiG–Canada.

While at the same time being part of and able to draw on the strength and experience of an incredibly established and dynamic ministry team in the US, AiG–Canada is currently in its infancy as a charitable ministry and requires support to take advantage of this incredible opportunity God has provided to us.

So what are our practical needs? Thankfully, we don’t require a tremendous amount of overhead by way of physical assets (offices, vehicles, etc.) so are able to steward the support the Lord provides through our supporters almost entirely to ministry activity. We do, however, need the manpower and technology to perform the numerous tasks involved in a dynamic ministry.

So how can you be involved in this amazing opportunity? I am asking you to partner with us immediately, both prayerfully and financially to enable us to bring on the necessary personnel (only as demand requires) to most effectively move ahead here in Canada. We so appreciate our American brothers and sisters that organized this amazing opportunity, but we Canadians need to move the initiative forward.

I believe this is an incredible opportunity the Lord has provided for you to be involved in a ministry opportunity unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and that has the potential to change the direction of our country significantly. Many Christians are sitting on the sidelines of the spiritual and cultural battle that is taking place out there, but here is an opportunity for you to make a huge difference on the Canadian ministry landscape that will affect the future for your family and generations to come.

P.S. If you are able to partner with us, we would be thrilled to have your support! Your gift will be used to fully utilize this amazing opportunity God has given us!

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