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How you can host an AiG conference in your hometown

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Recently I visited the town of Leamington, Ontario (population of about 28,000), and spoke at a church for a two-day Answers in Genesis conference. It was attended by over 250 very excited people hungry for the truth of God’s Word!

The event was spearheaded and organized by a homeschool mom named Stephanie, who got excited about the possibility of having Answers in Genesis come to their hometown! I had met Stephanie when I accompanied my wife to a homeschool meeting about six months earlier and just happened to mention the launch of AiG–Canada happening in 2018.

Stephanie’s reaction was, “My husband loves AiG!” She quickly made a call to her husband who was very pleased to hear about the launch. As we chatted further, and I saw their enthusiasm, I suggested they have a conference in their area.

Canada vs. USA

At first it seemed like a remote possibility to have a conference in an area with a smaller population and not a lot of good-sized churches. Unlike the US (which has more than 1,300 Evangelical and other Protestant churches with more than 2,000 attendees and approximately 50 churches ranging from 10,000 to 47,000), the average church in Canada has about 70–80 attending with only 150 of what would be called mega-churches (in Canada, that would be attendance of over 1,600 people).

Well, Stephanie and her husband took our advice on how to organize a seminar even in a smaller community, and the results were wonderful. Over 250 people attended recently, and 14 churches in the area were represented throughout the weekend—all because a homeschool mom got excited about the possibility and took action!

You Can Do It!

How about you? Do you realize how important the message of biblical authority is when proclaiming the gospel? Do you want to see spiritual growth and a zeal for evangelism in your community? Do you have the passion to help organize a meeting in your area? You can do it too!

We will work with you to put together an exciting event in your area. Simply contact us via email or phone 855-513-0225 to learn what you need to do to have a successful event!

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