News to Note, October 4, 2008

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The Copernican bubble pops, rocks of age (again), the dino–bird–elephant connection, let it snow (in time for Martian Christmas), and more!

1. Secular Cosmology Tries to Cope with Visible Evidence

As secular cosmology tries to cope with the visible evidence, the explanatory model gets more and more “improbable” and “outlandish.”

2. New Set of Oldest Rocks Found In Canada

Humbly lying on the tundra shores of Canada’s Hudson Bay are the world’s oldest rocks—4.28 billion years old, to be exact, maybe.

3. New Argentinian Dinosaur Fossil May Hold Dino-Bird Connection

A dinosaur unearthed in Argentina could be the latest evidence for a dino–bird connection, paleontologists report.

4. Phoenix Mars Rover Dectects Red Snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow—perhaps the tune the Phoenix Mars lander hums as it goes about its work?

5. Early References of Christ Name Him a Magician

A bowl dating back to the time of Christ bears an intriguing description: “Christ the magician.” What could it mean?

Bill Maher arrives
Bill Maher departs

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Bill Maher sneaks into Answers in Genesis offices by deceptively exploiting our courtesy.

6. Bill Maher Confronts Religion with Film Religulous

If you’re religious and easily offended, watch out! Comedian and wannabe-pundit Bill Maher hits the big screen this week with Religulous, a film that—among other things—takes aim at our very own Creation Museum.

7. Palin's Religious Beliefs Remain Big Target In Political Campaign

From lengthy articles to Saturday Night Live sketches on late-night television, vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is under fire—and her origins beliefs and religious faith remain the biggest targets.

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