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1. Cambrian Invertebrate with Neural Complexity Similar to Modern Insects

Cambrian critter with neural complexity comparable to modern insects surprises evolutionary scientists.

2. Lamprey Larval Cough Clue to Evolutionary Origin of Breathing

Lamprey larval cough said to be a clue to the evolutionary origin of breathing.

3. DNA Decay Rate Evaluated

DNA decay rate evaluated.

4. Debate with CERN Seeks Common Ground

CERN summit seeks a “common ground” conclusion about the origin of everything.

5. National Center for Science Education Weighs in on Bill Nye

National Center for Science Education weighs in on the Bill Nye story.

And Don’t Miss . . .

  • Verbum Domini—“The Word of the Lord”—is the name of a new exhibit of 27 Bible manuscripts and other biblical artifacts now on loan to the Creation Museum. Steve Green, chairman of the board of the future Museum of the Bible, was on hand this week to dedicate the opening of Verbum Domini. The temporary exhibit is part of the Green Collection, an assemblage of over 40,000 biblical antiquities being gathered by the Green family, owners of the Hobby Lobby arts and crafts chain. The Green Collection will eventually be housed in the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. The Green Scholars Initiative will promote biblical research, and the museum will make these rare and valuable portions of God’s Word available for all to see. Included in the Verbum Domini collection, which can be enjoyed at no extra charge at the Creation Museum, is a portion of a 4th century Aramaic translation of the Bible, a 1611 King James Bible, and a 1552 Tyndale New Testament. According to Romans 10:17, “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” These and other artifacts are reminders of the timeless value, unfailing truth, and convicting power of the Bible. We hope that as visitors come to view these wonderful artifacts they will be struck with a sense of awe, knowing they are looking on God’s Word copied, translated, and read by faithful people centuries ago. May we all be inspired to leave such a powerful testimony of the power of God’s Word in our own lives.
  • Montana’s November ballot will include a referendum on LR-120, a policy calling for parental notification (or a judicial waiver) before minors can obtain abortions. 39 states already have similar laws. These measures are intended to protect minors, though they do not prevent minors from obtaining abortions. Parents are in a position to provide guidance to their daughters with unwanted pregnancies. They also are the ones who need to be aware of a daughter’s recent abortion in the event of medical complications. And many young girls seeking abortions are victims of sexual abuse and need desperately to be protected. Making abortions available to them without the knowledge of their parents can only perpetuate this abuse. Yet Planned Parenthood, which legally cannot receive federal money for abortions but nevertheless receives a great deal of taxpayers’ dollars ($487.4 million in 2009-2010, for instance1), routinely acts to overturn, ignore, or circumvent notification laws.2 Young girls can be transported across state lines to obtain abortions in other venues, so as long as some states fail to provide this protection, all are at risk. Many who champion the interests of not only unborn babies but also immature, frightened, pregnant girls look hopefully to a time when all states will enact laws requiring parental involvement in the abortion decisions of minors.

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