News to Note, May 26, 2007

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1. Creation Museum Coverage

Strangely and inexplicably coinciding with the grand opening weekend of the Creation Museum is a wave of museum coverage in the media and on the Internet. Okay, so that isn’t really strange or inexplicable! Although the media coverage of both the museum and the creation/evolution debate is likely to increase in the weeks to come, we thought we would take a quick peek at a small sampling of the stories out there this week (in no particular order). Ready?

2. Birdy-o-saur Under Dispute

That birds evolved from dinosaurs has been nearly universally accepted in most evolutionist circles since the discovery of Archaeopteryx. But this week, a key fossil said to uphold that dino-to-bird link is under attack.

3. How to Catch an Extinct Fossil Fish

It may not be breaking news, but Indonesian fisherman Yustinus Lahama’s capture of a rare coelacanth fish is a reminder of the perpetual fallibility of paleontologists (and much of what they say!).

4. To the Moon! Jupiter's Moon, That Is

Our latest installment in the Search for Terrestrial Intelligence takes us to El Zacaton, Mexico, where NASA is taking a “first step toward searching for life on Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa.”

5. Evolutionary Critic Opposed

According to some evolutionists, wanting students to “be taught about challenges to the theory of evolution” is enough to disqualify a person from leading a U.S. nonprofit education association, The New York Times reports (in not so many words).

6. Origin of Life Seeker Dies

Stanley Miller, partial namesake of the Miller–Urey experiment, has passed on at the age of 77, Reuters reports.

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