Creation Museum Coverage

on May 26, 2007

Short responses to some media articles regarding the Creation Museum’s opening.

Strangely and inexplicably coinciding with the grand opening weekend of the Creation Museum is a wave of museum coverage in the media and on the Internet. Okay, so that isn’t really strange or inexplicable! Although the media coverage of both the museum and the creation/evolution debate is likely to increase in the weeks to come, we thought we would take a quick peek at a small sampling of the stories out there this week (in no particular order). Ready?

SAWF: “Dinosaurs Frolic with Adam and Eve at Creationism Museum

This balanced “overview” article afforded Ken Ham the chance to explain—very briefly—how the theory of evolution has undermined the truth of the Bible. That’s more than much coverage has allowed.

The American: “Being Honest About Ignorance

William R. Brody’s commencement address to the 2007 graduates of Johns Hopkins University included a short reference to the Creation Museum, lumping it with other forms of “willful ignorance” such as Holocaust denial and implying that creationism exists because creationists do not like the “fact” of evolution. He then inspires confidence in science by explaining that “[s]cience constantly gets it wrong” and that “half of what [students learn] may one day be proved wrong.”

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal: “Cleaning the T. Rex Cage Must Have Been Interesting

This article is, overall, not worth the effort in reading it, but it does represent the “layman’s” rebuttal to the Creation Museum. Amid attempts at humor, the author implies that dinosaur fossils contradict young-earth creationism and reveals his ignorance of radiocarbon dating. Sadly, the author’s misunderstandings are likely commonplace among the general population.

FOX News: “University Professors Sign Petitions Against Creation Museum

In case you haven’t heard, there are a few folks out there who are opposed to the content of the Creation Museum. It’s not that they disagree with our right to have our views, they explain; it’s just that they disagree with our right to express our views.

Okay, so that’s a mischaracterization of the petitioners; rather, they are afraid of (one petition states) a “campaign by the religious right to inject creationist teachings into science education.”

As Ken Ham points out, however, one creation museum against the monolithic evolutionary establishment shouldn’t be anything to worry about unless evolutionists are afraid of letting people “hear the other side.”

CBN News: “Creation Museum Opens with Big Bang

All we have to say about this one is, enjoy the video!

The New York Times: “Adam and Eve in the Land of the Dinosaurs

On the whole, a refreshingly uncontroversial article about the museum: uncontroversial in the sense that it focuses more on the museum itself and less on the creation/evolution debate, although it does relay several of our key messages. Indeed, this Times article makes the museum experience sound almost mystical. And don’t miss the slideshow!

That said, why not see in person what all the fuss is about? Visit for more information!

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