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Women in Combat

In response to “Our Daughters and Wives in Combat”: The real question is: Can Christian men and women participate in combat? Christ’s Kingdom is “not of this world”; therefore Christian men and women should not fight (John 18:36). Jesus told us to love our enemies and do good to them (Matthew 5:38-41).

Glen M., Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Author’s Response: The volume War: Four Christian Views (R. Clouse, ed.), cited in my online article, “Daughters, Wives, and Mothers in the Military?” provides an excellent help for this good question. When forming convictions about this issue, a Christian must distinguish between (1) spiritual and national issues, (2) self-preservation and family/national preservation, and (3) a “ just” war and an “unjust” war as they relate to the interpretation of individual Bible texts.

Global Cooling

[If you’re concerned about] CO2 causing global warming, you need only check out what ADM in Illinois is doing. The company grows vegetables in greenhouses using elevated CO2 levels in as little as half the time. That tells me that the higher the CO2, the faster plants absorb it, kind of a self-regulating thing that God took care of.

Dale N., Edwardsburg, Michigan

Beware the Roaring Lion

[Ken Ham’s] article was, as usual, right on point in describing the reality of today and the difficulty we face with our kids being taught the theory of evolution as though it is scientific fact. It is very frustrating when unbelievers are in control of the curriculum agenda.

George C., Email

Creation’s Bulldog

The way that Dr. Duane Gish was used to rescue Mark Looy [of Answers in Genesis] from evolution-caused doubt when he was only 17 is the same way God used AiG to rescue me from evolution-caused doubt. God led me to AiG almost immediately when I began to doubt, so I consider myself very blessed.

Bryan M., Colorado

The article “Rescued” about Dr. Gish took me back to 1974 when I was a pre-med student in the University of Puerto Rico. I was a church-raised kid but I had big doubts about Genesis. I didn’t have any answers to the arguments I was facing day by day in classes.

One day I saw a poster announcing a conference that [featured] Dr. Gish. The topic was “The Fossil Record, Evidence for Creation.”

The huge auditorium was packed. I was in awe seeing Dr. Gish demolish every single argument I was taught as irrefutable fact. It was a rebirth in my walk with the Lord.

I know one day in heaven I will have the opportunity to thank Dr. Gish for rescuing me, too.

Hector A., Canby, Minnesota

Positive Evidence

I look forward to getting Answers in the mail since my dad subscribed (I’m 13 years old). Because of Answers magazine, I finally have evidence against evolution. Thank you so much! I invite my friends to church, and they come, but I’m having a hard time convincing them that evolution is wrong. I pray that these magazines will help open their eyes to Christ.

Erin B., Hampstead, North Carolina


The article on chemotherapy and faith was wonderful! I empathized with the author and completely understood his perspective. In fact, it comforted and encouraged me a lot since I hear similar comments quite often, even when people come to pray for me. So thank you for running such an article. (I think the next time someone comes to me about juicing or changing my diet, I’ll just hand them a copy of the magazine.)

Anita M., Suwanee, Georgia


In the article “Your Nimble Noggin”: Since the ruler accelerates as it falls, it is not accurate to say that every 2 inches on the ruler comes out to around 100 milliseconds; that is true only for the first 2 inches. Below are some key time markers to look for. (The precise calculation for time at each spot on the ruler is t = 0.072 x √d , where t is the time in seconds and d is the distance the ruler falls in inches.)

So for d = 2 inches, t = 100 milliseconds.
4 inches = 144 milliseconds
6 inches = 176 milliseconds
8 inches = 204 milliseconds
10 inches = 228 milliseconds
12 inches = 249 milliseconds

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